About Us

The Department of Rural Sociology has been established in 1963 under the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology in order to study rural society and rural people systematically with the aim of sustainable rural community development. The main responsibility of the department is to train and educate students so that they can perform better in working with rural community. At present the department has ten full time faculties who are involved in teaching and research on different rural social aspects including but not limited to rural development, rural poverty studies, gender and ethnicities, entrepreneurship development, food security, climate change, migration and refugee issues, and population dynamics with special emphasis on qualitative research techniques. Since establishment, the department has been offering basic Rural Sociology courses for all undergraduate students of all the faculties (except the Faculty of Veterinary Science) of BAU. The department also offers Master degree and PhD in Rural Sociology.


Capacity building for transformation of rural society towards smart rural development.


The Department of Rural Sociology employs the theoretical and methodological tools of rural sociology to address challenges of rural development and social inclusion through original research, teaching, and outreach.

 Department is committed to

  1. Building an interdisciplinary learning community
  2. The highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, extension, public engagement, and civic responsibility
  3. Respect for faculty, students, and stakeholders, especially for rural people and their culture
  4. Honesty, integrity, sincerity, dedication, accountability and continuing professional improvement
  5. Providing consultancy in the areas of rural development  and socio-economic research and training
  6. Adherence to professional standards of ethics and global human rights and environmental protection