Ongoing research projects

Research Title
Funding Organization
Responsible Person with Position
Sustainable management of soil health to enhance yield and farmers’ incomes under resilient production system in Bangladesh, resulting in food and nutrition security, improved health and livelihoods
OCP foundation, Morocco
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman: Principal Investigator (Socio-economic Component)
Nutrient management for diversified cropping in Bangladesh
ACIAR, Australia and KGF, Bangladesh
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman: Principal Investigator (Sociology & Gender Component)
Sustaining groundwater irrigation for food security in northwest region of Bangladesh
April, 17- Mar, 2021
DFAT, Australia
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman: Team Leader (Socio-economic component)
Piloting Farmers’ Community Club
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman: Research Coordinator 
Promoting Socially Inclusive Agricultural Intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh” Funded By:ACIAR.
June 16-May, 2020
ACIAR, Australia
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman:Co-investigator
Validation of good practices of on- farm lamb production systems
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman:Co-investigator
Upliftment of Farmers Livelihood and Enrichment of Environment through Improved Agroforestry Practices in Char Land Ecosystem of Bangladesh
 NATP Phase II
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman:Co-investigator
Farmers’ Satisfaction on the Extension Services Provided by BATB
 Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman: Principal Investigator
Kazi Shek Farid: Co-investigator
Measurement of Job Loads viz-a-viz Manpower through Field Survey in the Police Stations
 Bangladesh Police
Dr. M. Wakilur Rahman:Team Leader
Kazi Shek Farid: Qualitative analyst
Entrepreneurship in a Challenging Business Environment
 July 2019-JUne 2021
 Bangladesh Agricultural University
Dr. Lavlu Mozumdar: Principal Investigator